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5 Things We Overlook About Depression

Depression can hit anyone at any time. Unlike how the media portrays it, signs of depression may not be obvious. Many people suffer from depression without even the nearest people having any idea about it. If you are wondering whether you are simply going through a low phase or suffering from depression, this article is for you.

If you suspect someone close to you is suffering from mental health conditions, keep reading to identify the signs. We will talk about five things we often overlook about depression. These five signs can help you identify depression and deal with it effectively.

1. Unusual eating habits

Erratic eating habits are not only signs of eating disorders but can also hint towards depression. People suffering from depression often eat either too much or too little. They can also become increasingly dependent on sugary foods to get energy. While not every depressed individual suffers from poor eating habits, it is especially prominent in them. Poor eating habits do not have to be only about eating junk food.

2. Too much or too little sleep

Sleeping poorly can have a severe impact on mental health. However, sometimes mental conditions manifest in the form of too much or too little sleep. If anyone is facing disruptions in their daily schedule, it may lead to sleeping excessively, it can be a sign of underlying depression. Sleeping too much or too little will leave you tired and unmotivated, which further worsens your depressed mood. Identifying these signs at an early stage is very important.

3. Sudden bursts of sadness

Depression is not the same for everyone. For some, it can be an overwhelming feeling of sadness that never leaves. For others, depression can come in sudden bursts and often unexpectedly. If you find yourself sad and unhappy at times when you are not supposed to, you may want to pay more attention to it. It is easy to spot this phenomenon if someone close to you is suffering from depression. You might suddenly find them unhappy and unmotivated at times despite being alright moments earlier.

4. Losing interest in passion

Everyone has a passion. For some, it can be as simple as lying on the couch and playing video games. This can instill a feeling of well-being in the minds of those who love video games. A depressed individual might start showing signs of loss of interest in things they used to love the most. It can be anything from watching movies to working out to cooking. If you see this pattern in yourself or someone you know, investigate more into the issue.

5. Bursts of anger

Depression manifests in various ways. Not everyone shuts themselves off from being social. Many keep socializing despite feeling some sadness inside. In many of these people, anger is one of the ways depression manifests. They can suddenly get agitated for even trivial reasons. Many would not display any anger but feel consumed by it. They can also feel angry at themselves.

Many people are silently suffering from depression in their everyday lives. Many do not even have the awareness to understand that something is wrong with their mental health. We can look for signs of depression in the people closest to us and in ourselves.

These five signs will help you identify early signs of depression. Remember that only licensed doctors, counselors, and therapists can effectively treat mental health conditions. Mental health issues are treatable, and people can get back to their earlier levels of joy, happiness, and motivation.

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