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How to Survive Seasonal Depression

As fall approaches and the sun begins to sink lower in the sky, many find the changes in the season unsettling as we are forced to go within, not only within our homes, but ourselves. This can be challenging especially when there are unresolved past issues or even trauma in one’s life. Fall and winter can be a time when these dark memories of the past emerge, sometimes leaving us feeling isolated, alone, or depressed.

For many, just the lack of sunlight and the shorter days leaves us feeling down, tired, and withdrawn. We can also find that we struggle with motivation and find it hard to simply get through the day.

There are many ways to deal with the changing seasons like bringing fresh flowers into homes and offices, painting walls a cheerful color, joining a gym, starting a new hobby, or talking to someone who understands the struggle.

If you find the changing seasons difficult, it’s important that you don’t wait until the season has begun but to plan ahead. What do you need to stay healthy and happy? Do you need routine health and wellness appointments? Do you need to see friends, go out for a coffee or learn how to be present to all the good things in your life, instead of focusing on the darkness outside? What we focus on grows, so during this transitional time, it’s important to stay focused on how you can help yourself and how you can meet your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs.

Talk therapy can help immensely with feelings of isolation and depression, especially during the dark winter months. Therapy can be a place where you can be yourself, vent, or simply talk about past issues that need healing. There are also other forms or alternative therapies that include laughter therapy, art and creative expression, and body movement. There are numerous ways to survive a difficult season, and a variety of options to choose from.

Learn how to gain power, conquer, and ultimately celebrate the seasons within!

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