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Why Nature Therapy Works

The forest is the therapist. Your certified Eco-Therapist Guide, Karolee Krause (Nature Therapist) and Licensed Professional Counselor will assist you on your nature journey.

Some people love to sit quietly in an office setting and talk, while others need to be moving, walking and surrounded by nature. There are many pathways to healing and CWMHA recognizes the importance of offering a variety of traditional and alternative treatments.

Eco-Therapy (Nature Based Therapy) is for those who seek an alternative method of working through problems or issues in a healthy and natural setting, while taking in the sunshine, fresh air, sounds, and scents of the fields or forests that surround you.

Nature Therapy has been found to alleviate stress and worry and helps us to relax and unwind. Being in nature restores our body and mind. Through nature we let go of our stressors as the elements absorb that energy and replaces it with a feeling of inner peace. It also assists and encourages us to release everyday issues and problems. Nature based activities such as mindfulness, guided walks and meditation (good for the body and soul), and combined with talk therapy, provides for a powerful healing experience that heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Join Karolee Krause, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Eco-Therapy Guide with CWMHA for individual or group sessions in which you will restore your relationship to yourself, learn new coping skills, release stress and tension and find solutions to common problems. Nature therapy sessions are uniquely individual and authentic to each person and are offered to older kids, teens and adults.

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