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How to Find Your Own Personal Path

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness. Although we are all on a life path, do you know what your life’s purpose is? Are you lost in life? Do you have a path, but find yourself often taking a new or different journey without any meaningful direction?

Life is about growth and transformation. Life is also a sacred journey bringing us lessons, some easy, some hard, and many on a daily basis. Many of us do not know how to go within to discover our inner guide as the noise from the outside world can be deafening at times. But when we walk the healing labyrinth, we also walk within and there we find that we hear our own guidance, and find answers to questions and even see a path clearly ahead.

For decades, labyrinths have been used for meditation and prayer and represent a spiritual journey to our core or center and then back out into the world again.

When you walk the labyrinth, there is only one choice to make, and that is to enter the labyrinth or not. The spiritual path is yours and yours alone. Where are you going in life? Where have you been? Are you walking alone or are you being guided? Learning how to walk the labyrinth, you may discover that part of yourself has gotten lost, or is directionless. However, as you continue toward the center, you will find direction and purpose.

There are many benefits from walking a labyrinth. Representing growth and transformation, a labyrinth walk can bring a sense of clarity, peace, and serenity as we walk toward the core of our own soul and become connected to our own inner guidance. Walking a labyrinth also leads to personal insight and revelations. For some, the twists, and turns of the path can be symbolic of the twists and turns of our own lives. The walk can be playful, spiritual, soulful or purposeful. The labyrinth walk is authentic, unique and individual and it is yours alone.

There are three stages of walking the labyrinth:

Releasing: At the beginning of your journey, release your thoughts and concerns.

Receiving: When you reach the center, stay as long as you feel necessary. Be at peace, seek answers, go within.

Returning: On the walk out of the labyrinth, be ready to integrate back into everyday life with new awareness and insight into life problems or goals.

Join Karolee Krause, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Spiritual Coach with Central Wisconsin Mental Health Association (CWMHA) on a guided walk through the Healing Labyrinth where you will learn how to go within, find answers to questions or problems and find inner guidance. Hour long sessions can be a single or numerous set of experiences, depending on what you seek.

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