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End of Year Update from Michelle Hazuka

I love a good ending- whether it’s a good book, movie or a drive home from a great day. I just like to reflect on what I loved about the “ending” of something.

Reflecting on 2022 was no different. So many amazing things to reflect on and remember this past year.

What started off in the early days of 2022 included lots of talks, meetings, notes, ideas soon became Central Wisconsin Mental Health Associates- or CWMHA for short.

The birth of anything is so exciting- its new, young, vulnerable, keeps you awake at night (lol!). The beginning of CWMHA was no different. While working in the field of mental health was not new for myself or my business partner Amy, starting a business from scratch was. Our plan for CWMHA was to create a business that not only helped us serve our clients, but also build a clinic that supported our community’s mental health needs and created partnerships for a network of providers. We really wanted to work alongside clinicians who were committed to not only be exceptional providers but also really be great people.

2022 was a year of gratitude to friends, family and community. I was able to build something so special with my co-owner Amy Marcott and we are learning the art of balance both in practice and in life.

We are proud of the clinics we built, people we work alongside and honored to be a part of so many clients lives. 2023 is going to be great!

“What lies behind us,

and what lies before us

are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Michelle Hazuka, CWMHA Co-Owner

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