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Colorful Books


These books are just one more resource to promote mental health awareness in our local communities and give you a variety of viewpoints on your mental health.


You Are Not Alone:
The NAMI Guide to Navigating Mental Health

This book is for anyone struggling with mental health challenges or anyone looking for guidance on how to help their loved ones. The book is filled with practical advice from experts and wisdom from real people. Order today:

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A Mindful Kind of Happiness

This book is a motivational self-help book that encourages a fresh outlook on what it means to be happy. Rediscover your inner joy through a variety of ways. Together the authors take you on an engaging, personal journey where you will discover ways to create personal happiness through different areas of life.

Fitness Warrior:  The Everyday Summit

The Everyday Summit is a motivational, goal-setting, personal success book that addresses reasons why we self-sabotage in the areas of weight loss, and in emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Life presents us with relentless challenges, moments of transition, and opportunities for change. 

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Somewhere in the Sky 

Through a compilation of everyday short stories about people, places and adventures, learn to incorporate gratitude, laughter, hope and inspiration into your own life. Somewhere in the Sky includes questions and guidance to inspire, motivate and encourage you to follow and embark upon your own everyday adventures to a healthier and happier life.

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Rice, Beans and Termites

Rice, Beans & Termites is a personal growth, self-help book that takes the reader on a journey of self empowerment through the writer's adventures in solo and in group travel to some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth. Overcoming personal fears, obstacles and challenges, the writer invites the reader to reflect and observe areas in their own lives that require change and transition.

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